Plane Travel

Below are listed the methods by which you can travel the planes.

  • Portals: physical barriers which can be passed through in order to go from one plane to another.
  • Displacement: displacement is a not fully understood (or safe) method of planar travel. Displacement shunts a person out of a plane into the void. The void is an airless vacuum which some have managed to travel briefly through the use of specially modified airships. Some theorize that travel through the void may result in the ability to reach other planes without the use of portals, but the logistics or possibility is greatly debated.



Gateways are specific contained areas where a person can travel between planes.


A cancerous connection in which one plane begins to bleed into another.


A point between 2 (or more) planes with such a powerful correspondance that mundane means can be used to literally step between planes.


Temporary connections made to get from one plane to another are very common. To accomplish this task powerful magic items and spells must be employed.


Most agents of the city are provided a one use magic item keyed back to a specific place controlled by the employing faction. These items are incredibly expensive and to be used in last resort situations. Even still a traveling falling back on this means of transportation will owe a great debt. These items require a 1 hour ritual to activate.

Plane Travel

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