The City

The City

The City is oblivion brought into being as a twilight metropolis. Towering stone buildings lean against one another stretching out into a fiery red sky, casting down massive imposing shadows on the cobblestone streets below.

History (as we know it)

No one is sure how long The City has existed, or where its original inhabitants came from. Some theorize that it may have existed before the multiverse itself: but that is surely madness. The oldest known inhabitants have personally dated the city at 1,000 years old, but even some of those state they were born within the city.

While the overall age of The City itself is not directly known it is widely accepted that the blasted out plane of eternal blood red twilight it exists on has and will eternally exist.


The City Proper

Many believe that the city itself is a living god and there are even many widely spread cults devoted to it. Others chalk it’s many bizarre and unpredictable qualities to arcane happenstance. What is known for sure is that The City is an ever changing growing force spidering out not only across the twilight realm but into other planes of existence.

The City contains brood districts the central most of which is known only as District 1. District 1 is roughly the size of modern Manhattan (23 sq mi) with an unknown number of inhabitants. Mothick the accepted ruler over The City resides within this district and allows only the most carefully chosen citizens to and from its walled of borders. The only thing that can be seen above the hundreds of feet high walls is the pure white citadel stretching out into the sky like an eternal crack of thunder painted across the eternally blood red twilight of the planes sky.

Outside of the walls of the walls of District 1, are a dozen districts ranging from between 20-100 sq mi. encompassing a massive total of around 500 sq mi. Within the confines of The City the landscape is always changing in bizarre ways, including streets whose location is not exactly determinable but can be located from many other side streets that are miles (or more) apart. Aside from this infrequently entirely new blocks will sometimes seemingly grow overnight.

h3.Under Dark

Below the streets of The City lies a gargantuan tunnel network. In many places the UnderDark becomes a sewage intake but it’s massive tunnels are an entire ecology of their own.

The UnderDark itself is known to stretch to other planes and is thought to be infinite. Below even the UnderDark is thought to be the Abyss but because the plane is accessible by portals no one has felt it necessary to explore so deep.


There are a variety of factions that exist within The City all seeking to gain more power over portals and districts. Shadow wars are played out in the background of other planes politics to gain control of resources to import to The City. One important commodity is food as it exists in limited production in The City.

The City

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